Sunday, November 18, 2007

Other than the game, Crab Fries were the best part!

Today, MJ and I went to see the Eagles beat the Dolphins, 17 - 7. It was dog's nose weather*, but we had a great time anyway. MJ's highligt of the day was meeting Swoop. Mine was Chickie and Pete's Crab Fries.

* For those that haven't heard the term... think of a dog's nose. Cold and Wet.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

OCMD Fall Getaway

A quick weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland was in order for MJ's birthday. The weather was rainy for the first half, then cool and sunny for the second half.

We hit our favorites: The Fractured Prune, Waterman's, The Green Turtle...

All in all, a good weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Punkins and Thanksgiving

It's the fall, it's time for Punkins! So, after many years of retirement, I've been to two punk rock shows in less than a month. Holy Jeebus!

On my birthday, I got to see my friend Josh's band, Split Fifty at Croc Rock in Allentown. What can I not say about this band? The new album is so polished and melodic I can't stop listening to it. These guys are absolutely amazing live, they have great energy and their songs are fun. Check out "Swing from her Fingernails" available in stores and on iTunes.

Then, I almost can't believe it, but after years of being a fan, I finally saw a full set of Bad Religion. I actually saw them for the first time earlier this year on the Warped Tour in Camden, NJ. Seeing guys like Jay Bently and Greg Graffin is just amazing. But seeing the legends Greg Hetson and Brian Baker is just a dream come true. We were driving to the show, and I saw Greg Hetson talking a walk by himself on Hamilton Blvd, must have been checking out our lovely downtown! Seeing him play takes me back and has me wishing I had seen him playing in the CJs all those years ago. Then comes Baker... for me, who got so much from his early bands Minor Threat and Dag Nasty, he's the reason I wish I could play guitar. No sportscars, no busty blonde younger women... Yes, my midlife crisis will probably revolve around finally learning to play and then trying (probably unsuccessfully... who wants to play alongside a late thirtysomething guitar player???) to start his first band. I hope my wife will one day give thanks Brian Baker for this.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bloomsburg Fair

The Bloomsburg Fair is always a fall favorite of ours. We go there for one reason only: The Food!

Here's a quick list of what we had:

4 fried Oreos (2 for Jim / 2 for MJ)
3 Potato Pancakes (2 for Jim / 1 for MJ)
12 Mini Donuts (6 for Jim - powdered sugar / 6 for MJ - peanut butter and chocolate)
1 Slice, Grotto Pizza (MJ)
1 Cheese Steak sandwich (Jim)
2 Hot Dogs w/ Cheese (1 - Jim / 1 - MJ)
1 Apple Dumpling w/ Ice Cream (MJ)
1 Ice Cream in Waffle Cone (Jim)
4 Fried Mozzarella Cubes (2 for Jim / 2 for MJ)